What we do

Are you the sort of business that wants more key accounts which lead to sales worth tens of thousands of pounds or more?

Established in 2007, Momentum specialises in helping businesses win key accounts – here’s how we help:

Do any of the following scenarios sound like your business?

  • You’re good at delivering your products / services but lack the time to carry out crucial key account business development tasks.
  • You’re good at delivering your products / services but lack key account business development and sales experience or have gone a little rusty.
  • You’ve never assessed your key account business development / sales processes so systematic methodology might be missing.
  • Your key account business development / sales methodolgy is in place but is not as effective you would like it to be.
  • The marketplace is challenging growth – it maybe saturated with other vendors or dysfunctional for some reason. ie) long / poor sales cycles.
  • Key personnel or advisers within the business are struggling or lacking drive and accountability.
  • Your business is doing well but you want to replace low quality customers with more key accounts.
  • Your business is doing very well anyway BUT you just want more key accounts to maximise your profits.
  • You’re a business doing very well but want to give your marketing some teeth to help speed-up the sales cycle.

Most businesses we’ve worked with fit some of the descriptions above – if that’s you then this is what comes next:

Momentum works in 2 ways:

  • Embedded within your business and helping directly by executing your sales process and plan.
  • Mentoring you or your business development personnel to become more effective.

Either way, good quality key account business development will require the following:

  • Be able to identify your target market.
  • Be able to make professional and legally compliant approaches with skill and confidence.
  • Be able to quickly ascertain if you can help a prospect.
  • Understand buyer motives.
  • Build business cases and positively influence decision makers.
  • Have an effective buying / sales process.
  • Be able to advance and close through to sale.
  • Know how to avoid wasting time and minimise sales cycle time.
  • Make it as easy as possible to buy from you.
  • Deserve referrals and acquire a stream of ongoing recommendations.
  • Provide management data to gauge the effectiveness of your business development plan.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what needs to be done. Momentum can carry out a key account business development fact find so we know where to focus our efforts and try to make some quick wins as soon as possible.

From the fact find we create the key account business development plan. Remember we’re looking to help you make high value wins quickly and easy so don’t expect a big volume of info and data telling you what you probably already know. We also stay with you to help execute the business development plan either by mentoring you and your team or by working with you at appropriate points in your sales process to ensure we make progress.

The key account business development plan addresses these kinds of issues:

  • Carefully select high quality prospects – less is very often more!
  • Formulate messages and information to help get attention and interest from your dream prospects.
  • Make compliant and creative approaches onto your dream prospects.
  • Ensure approach history is carefully recorded for ongoing appropriate lead nurturing where there is a lengthy sales cycle.
  • Assist getting through the door to meet the right decision makers.
  • Work a particular market sector you have already successfully helped other customers in.
  • Get creative to help overcome inertia or stalls with new or existing opportunities you want to go to business.
  • Provide input where you lack experience or would benefit from outside stimulus in the form of coaching, mentoring or creative thinking.
  • Run a specific campaign on an ongoing or intermittent basis.
  • Attend tradeshows to look and listen for new opportunities that can be worked back at base.
  • You may want to work a specific opportunity within your existing customer base – this might be an appropriate cross-sale or up-sale.
  • You may want to strike up new relationships with businesses who have customer bases you could be serving.

Momentum aims to become involved in worthwhile business development tasks which help win business and if required help shape your overall business development plan. The work carried out can be done on an ongoing or intermittent basis depending on what the plan requires with the aim of achieving the best possible return on your investment.

Sometimes business are unsure about how to or clearly not able to go to market because they have no business development collateral or plan. Sometimes what they are doing does work but they know deep down they’re not working to their full potential. You should be able to clearly explain the benefits your products and services deliver and know where suitable business opportunities exist. You should be able to quickly ascertain if what you provide will benefit your prospective customers or you’ll end up chasing a lot of business that doesn’t really exist or do some very bad selling. At best you’ll develop a headache at worst it could lead to business failure!

Helping healthy growing businesses harvest more business.

It’s not rare to find healthy businesses doing very well but still having additional capacity to be able to deliver more of their services and products. Momentum can help work such opportunities by becoming involved to help boost your business development firepower. If your processes are proven and work then let’s get busy!

Get in touch today for an informal discussion about what might be possible. We’ll ask you some questions to understand your business and share some ideas to show you what might be possible.