Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped businesses win more sales and profits…

Marketing agency successfully engaged with large national construction product company from cold to provide marketing services – ongoing monthly retainer is £5,000.

Marketing agency successfully helped to engage with a national activities visitor centre with 29 sites – went to business and they will be helping them with their summer time marketing to maximise customer visits. £13,500 of new business with a new relationship established which should lead to follow on orders.

Electronics manufacturer & supplier wanted more local manufacturing customers to supply – specific sector campaign set up which resulted in 5 new clients who placed orders and as repeat orders are the norm in this sector substantial amounts of business will emerge over the longer term.

Marketing agency successfully helped to win a three year publication contract with a University – the client has an excellent track record in that sector so Momentum were very happy to provide Key Account Business Development focus on this project

Electronics assembly company successfully introduced from new to a road signage company whose initial order was £10,400 – there will be ongoing repeat orders for this product and we have been told if all goes well they will place orders for all other products. The project could be worth £1M over the next few years.

Energy broker taken into regional retail chain – they helped save the retailer £5K per anum and retained the energy contract management for several years.

Smart grid technology company wanted to talk to steel foundries – doors opened into large multi-company, multi-national company with large foundry. Agreement gained for trials which if prove successful will result in some excellent business for the company and revenue generation for the client. This will also help open up the foundry sector by providing a case study to highlight the benefits of smart grid technology!

Replaced a key account within a specific sector for a marketing agency – £250K of new business (first year budget allocated by client) which will repeat for the length of the relationship generating ongoing revenue at approx £160K per year.

The account above led to a referral worth £100,000+ in the first year which will repeat with ongoing revenue for the length of the relationship.

Introduced regional mid sized accounts to marketing agency – £50K+ of new business with ongoing orders now flowing.

Water rebate company taken into national chain of retailers to help them win £70K rebate – if they had been proactive and taken action earlier it could have been a £250K  rebate!!!

Energy consumption reduction company wanted to speak with Supermarkets – Doors opened into Morrisson’s, Tescos, East of England and Mid Counties Co-Ops with unit trials underway.

Hi Tech Energy Optimisation company taken into leading environmentally conscious university – £40K+ new business with ongoing 10 year revenue stream.

Energy broker taken into a chain of gyms – they helped them save £7K at one site so should remain a client for many years.

Training company taken into National Health Service – £3K pilot programme delivered with potential for wider rollout.

Web Agency taken into second largest electrical retailer in Europe and invited to take part in large pitch.

Marketing Agency taken into airline services company which resulted in £13.5K of new business

Electronics parts supplier taken into laser manufacturer – £40K of new business with ongoing orders to follow.

Marketing agency taken into global brand of utility vehicles and invited to pitch.

Independent Financial Advice firm helped to market and run tax planning seminars which resulted in £60K+ of new business and subsequent referrals.

Boiler control manufacturer taken into various social housing organisations – £100K+ of new business and now have case studies to work the sector.

Training company taken into The Financial Services Authority in Canary Wharf London and invited to run discovery days.

Manufacturing client successfully re-engaged with a lapsed customer who used to spend around £10K per month with them.

Independent Financial Advice firm helped to harvest appropriate additional business from existing customer base resulted in £50K+ of new business.

Small web design company customer base built from scratch which resulted in £80K+ of brand new business, around £6K annual hosting revenue, follow on business and many referrals.

Electronics assembler taken into regional manufacturing sector – £20K+ of new business with ongoing repeat orders to follow for many years.

Energy consumption reduction company taken into national home improvements company – invited to survey and £10K of new business.

Printed circuit board manufacturer taken into electronics company that buys in £500K of pcbs each year – orders are flowing as they prove themselves.

Software consultant taken into 2 NHS Trusts – software trialled and training courses provided.

Graphic design company who works with various departments in a large pharmaceutical company was helped to open up business in several more departments.

Project managed website build for Regional Home Improvements Company who were spending £50K+ on newspaper advertising – they reported within a year of the website launch which cost £4K to build it was delivering higher levels of leads for them than all over their offline advertising.

Promotions agency taken into major league football club and two seasons of promotions sold.

Training company taken into Financial Services Authority (as was), Lotus, Lloyds Bank, Everest, Inchcape and many others…

Marketing agency taken into large construction company – £48K order for outdoor advertising campaign (£20K spend on media)

Tied financial advice company taken into haulage company and company pension scheme sold – lots of mortgage, life insurance and savings products spin off sales

Many more on file and new wins to follow!